Bookstagram and Bookstagrammers?

Bookstagrammers are the People who take pictures of unique and amazing books and post them on their Instagram account. This is just to share those books with other people around the world. I’ve listed some of my favorite Bookstagrammers Below:

Bookstagram is just about amazing Books, photography (somehow) and Instagram of course.

As I mentioned who are Bookstagrammers from that you can easily guess what is Bookstagram. Bookstagram is the acc. where people use to share the pics of amazing and unique books.


Tips for making a Good Bookstagram

Use HashTag in your description, Like ( #mybook, #amazingbook or #nameofthebook ), These hashtags help a lot to show your photos to people when they search stuffs related to your hashtag keywords. But please don’t spam it. Putting 3-4 hashtags in your description is sufficient but you can add more. If you use a lot of keywords, Instagram will suspect you as spam and will not show your photos in results.

Alway try to focus on a topic, Like if you posted a book of relationship, don’t use #relationship because this keyword has a lot of competition and also Instagram will think it’s about relation ship not about books. Try to be on the topic of the photo Like, you can use the name of the book are any other keyword related to that book.

Explore the Instagram Community. Comment on photos related to your keywords, Please put a genuine comment, Don’t spam it. Read the Caption of those photos and comment accordingly Like, Oh that’s a really nice pic, I liked the colours and textures, You can also give suggestions like, Don’t make it too dark or light. You can also use Emojis and all that.

You can share Links of your photos in groups and with your friends.


Boostagram is A Community 🙂

Bookstagram is a community of book lovers where people share their loved books, They connect and share their views on books as well. If you are book lover you should also join this community. Make your own Bookstagram and connect with different people from around the world. Bookstagram is a community of books, where books are the only trend 😛 You just have to do is to share your views on books.

You can post any book on your Instagram account and make it a Bookstagram. Don’t force anyone to like your photos, be genuine. If you want to be a true Bookstagrammer, Buy books, Don’t do spammy things Like, Finding an image from google and posting it. Buy hard copy of books

Buy a hard copy of books, Don’t use Kindle. If you buy a physical book you can take some your own original pictures and can post it on Instagram without any copyright issue.


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How to Create Bookstagram Account?

  • Download Instagram App.
  • Sign Up and choose the desired Username. (Choose a name which people can easily remember and looks good)
  • Update Your Public Info. (This will help people to interact with you)
  • Add some Beautiful photos of books as your Profile picture. ( Add pictures that can attract people)
  • Now, You can add photos of your books.


Welcome to Bookstgram Community, Post your Photos, Get Likes, Followers and Shares. 




My Boookstagram Process

  • Take Photos on the Weekend
  • Upload to my Computer
  • Choose the Winners
  • Load them to Picmonkey
  • Do some light Editing & add my Instagram handle to the Photo Somewhere
  • Upload them to Later
  • Drop Them into the Calendar
  • Write my Captions with Hashtags 😛


Things you should Take Care of while Handling a Bookstagram Account

  • Be genuine, Don’t Upload Fake photos.
  • Always respond to comment on your photos.
  • Don’t Spam Your Caption with lots of Hashtags.
  • Post photos that look interesting and can catch the attention of people.
  • Be a genuine and good member of Bookstagram Community, Don’t fight and abuse people.
  • Always give a positive response.
  • Keep in mind that the photos you’ll upload can be seen by anyone.


Below is the Video of Tips for Bookstagram Beginners, It can help you a lot to learn, So please Don’t forget to Watch! Don’t Forget to Visit Again 🙂